Written by Lori Shecter

You have so many students, you just don’t know what to do! Two months later, you lose 5 of your competition team, with 5 more threatening to leave. Sound familiar? If this happens to you, it’s because you are in the cycle of MARKETING, SELLING, TEACHING, STOP, MARKETING, SELLING, TEACHING, DROP.  This is a cycle that hits ALL SMALL businesses, not just studios.  Here are some pointers to get off the treadmill and have a constant flow of new students.  But here is the key…I can give you these tips but they ain’t no good pinned to your refrigerator.  And they all relate to the point of this article: ALWAYS BE MARKETING.  Each week you should do 1 to 3 things that help your business grow:

  1. Facebook special – Every week have a new idea.
  2. Flyers at the school, local Starbucks, etc.
  3. Instagram contests. Click HERE to learn about INSTAGRAM
  4. Brochures at your studio – sell NOW for Summer and in March for Fall. Brochures need to be great to read.
  5. Emails to old students, current ones, potential new ones
  6. Add VIDEOS to your YouTube Channel.  HERE is how you set up videos to make sure that it helps your search engine optimization.  Don’t know what SEO is? Click HERE.
  7. Don’t use Facebook as your only mode of communication with your potential client base.  Instead, write an article/blog post on your website and post THAT article to Facebook. New content on your site helps Google find you.
  8. Make sure you website has awesome photos of your studio.
  9. Set up a GOOGLE ADWORDS campaign – easy peesy with Google Adwords Express.  They even have a toll free number. Only costs $100/month.
  10. Don’t have a visible studio or studio sign? See if you can change that.  If you can’t, set up a sign on the front lawn of your house.
  11. Never stop enrollment: you can always add one more number in your recital to accommodate new kids- make it a beginning to advanced experience with easy costumes from K-Mart or Target- cute dresses and tights.

If you just do one of these things twice a week, it will help YOU get off the treadmill of feast or famine.  Need marketing help? 

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