Written by Lori Shecter


All of us want to take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday in order to grow our businesses. But this is especially tricky for dance studio owners. First, BLACK FRIDAY and CYBER MONDAY doesn’t have to be only one day. However, having a time table on it DOES increase the interest in the deal. But how do you, as a SEMESTER based studio owner run your specials without creating the havoc below:

  1. Pissing off your current customers: If you are offering 50% off for all new students, how will the students who started in September feel.
  2. Having a 50% sale in December (or any other discount for that matter) can condition families to wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday to register in the first place.

Here are some ideas to take advantage of both HEAVY spending days and give your current and potential students THE GIFT OF DANCE!


  1. OFFER A NEW KIND OF CLASS:  Create a special new class where you can wildly cut rates:  For example offer a  DANCE EXPLORATION WORKSHOP SERIES and offer it at half price for all new and returning students. In this class you could expose your students to a new teacher and style every week.  Every Saturday you bring either a new teacher (specialist) or one of your current teachers to teach a class in their style. Like the rest of your classes, you can charge a flat rate for the Spring Term, or you can charge a drop-in rate for students who want to try out the series. You could even split this into three categories, beginner, intermediate, and advanced for all your students no matter what level they are. By adding this weekend workshop, you expose students to new styles potentially leading them to sign up for more classes, and it gives them a break from the same classes that they take week to week. Your students will be happier and more motivated as the semester progresses PLUS you can get new students that can sample all your genres of dance.
  2. Offer a MASTER class at 25% or 50% off! What a great holiday gift for a dance family to give to the dancer in their life. Not sure where to begin the process? STAGE DOOR CONNECTIONS is a New York based company that will travel around the country with their cast of Broadway based teachers, coaches, and casting agents and create a special event customized for your studio. Your students will feel like they’ve studied with the best in New York, your parents will love you for giving them a great idea as a gift, and YOU can make a profit even if you discount the event. This is also a great way to introduce new students to your studio. Here's how one studio ran it last year:

A little too huge to offer right now?  Here is a list of smaller ways to discount and still create good will for everyone!


  1. Discount your dancewear by 50% (up to December 5th)
  2. Discount costumes paid in full (if paid by December 5th)
  3. Discount an extra class by 50% (if paid in full by December 5th) 
  4. Discount one class for new students by 25% if paid in full. Offer current families a discount on one of their current classes IF THEY PAY IN FULL by December 5th—cash or checks only so you don’t have to pay the credit card fee.

Lest you think we forgot, check out OUR black Friday event below.

  1. 1) SAVE 15% on all Dance Studios Web Design websites.  Must have 50% deposit by Novemember 30.

Happy holidays everyone! Here's to a great second term!