Written by Lori Shecter

 Dancecamp2Decisions to be made:

  1. What is the nature of the camp: a continuation for serious dance class geared toward the competitive dance student or more of a place for kids to kick back, stay in the groove and have some fun?
  2. Will your camp be full day (to help parents with child care issues?) 
  3. What are the hours your camp will be open?
  4. Will you offer food or do students bring their own lunch?
  5. Will there be outdoor activities, traveling activities or strictly dance.
  6. What classes will you offer?
  7. What levels will you offer?
  8. How will you handle staffing?
  9. Are there opportunities for your senior dancers to be "counselors" or dance assistants?
  10. How many weeks will you offer? Can parents buy 1, 2, or 5 day sessions? Can parents purchase weekly sessions?
  11. What are the dance camp hours?

Getting the word out:

PLEASE PLEASE make sure you have your listings in MANTA and Google Plus so your studio has a higher percentage of showing up in Google for parents looking dance. Additionally, post frequently on your fan page about all the amazing Dance Camp opportunities you will offer.  Last year's videos are an added boast.  But also:

  1.  Your best "camper" is your current student population. Offer discounts for those who are enrolled a full year.
  2. Offer incentives for students to get their friends to enroll for a week or two.
  3. Create flyers for elementary, middle and high schools.
  4. Enlist principals of the schools
  5. Post on church & synagogue bulletin boards
  6. Get listed with Camp Directories like: Kids Camp, Camp Page, Camp Page and the grandfather of them all: Open Directory
  7. Enlist your students to help pass out flyers
  8. Think about Living Social or GroupOn but REMEMBER that the deal strategy will not necessarily increase your fall enrollment.
  9. Advertise on Facebook (only in your area). View our 5 minute how-to guide.
  10. Make a press release about your dance camp and send to local papers and, of course:
  11. Feature your camp on your website.

Make Registration EASY!

Take advantage of School Empower's 1 month for $1 and get started TODAY with online enrollment. (Hey I had to mention SOMETHING about our awesome school management system, especially since the timing's PERFECT!)  School Empower is extremely flexible and allows you to offer any variation of camp classes whether they are drop in, session packs OR full classes.  We will set up your camp and help you customize your system! Try us for $5/month forever!

Make Summer Camp EASY!

Sign up for a year's subscription for Dance In a CAN!  ^0+ of camp dances, games, crafts, snacks, marketing materials and more!! 

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