Written by Lori Shecter

I'm going to share something that I think is important. As a newbie dancer in an older body, I had a  revelation tonight that I feel can change your studios.  Or maybe not, one never knows.  

But I am going to ask the question: how many of you offer classes for the sheer joy of dance?  Not to have in a recital, or competition piece, no end game but to enjoy the honest movement of bodies rhythmically dancing together, for joy?  I've been having an incredibly stressful month with some family and business issue weighing heavily, and tonight for the first time in two weeks I danced Salsa for an hour.  And for that 1 hour, I focused on my arms, my legs, my turns, my partner. How many of your students dance just for the pureness of it? I recommend having that one fun class.  Better yet, a class where boys and girls dance together - a hip hop dance off, a hybrid of jazz and tap, something that brings two bodies together in unison, just for the pure joy.  How much fun can that be?  Get the girls to bring their guy friends, join with other studios that have more boys and have a good old fashioned west side story dance.