Written by Lori Shecter


We've had a lot of studios reporting to us how the FREE Facebook interface is helping them grow their business. For less than $5/day, you can help to increase your reach and grow your enrollment.

Try these five  tips to improve your Facebook marketing!

TIP #1: Color

Color has long been recognized as a powerful influence on decision making.  See our quick guide above to determine colors of your imagery and text. CLICK HERE to see what the experts say!

TIP # 2: Language

The text that you use should reflect your studio as well as the program you are promoting. For example, if you are promoting DANCE CAMP, use fun and playful descriptions versus a SUMMER INTENSIVE, which may be more professional in language and emphasize more about dance, and less about "camp themes."

TIP # 3: Imagery

You get the idea- 'nuff said.

Summer Camp

Summer Intensive

Tip #4

Target effectively. Newcomers to social advertising often make the mistake of targeting as wide an audience as possible. However, this approach is unlikely to have a measurable impact. Think of the reach of “a drop of water in the ocean.” Would that drop find a specific fish by any of the following?

Location Age Interests Connections.  CLICK HERE to see our full guide on how to set up a Facebook Ad: 

Tip # 5: 

Make sure your ad has a great call to action: such as SIGN UP NOW, SAVE 15%, SIGN UP NOW, or CALL US.  Then, make sure that it links to a great page that will engage your potential student to do just that!  CALL AND REGISTER!

For example, if you need a great website, call us NOW and save 10% before March 31! LOL

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