Written by Lori Shecter

Thinking of creating an ad on Facebook for your dance studio, but unsure of where to begin or what to do? We’ve prepared this comprehensive guide to help aid you through the process of creating an ad.

Step 1. Log into your Facebook Account.

Step 2. Click on the "AD MANAGER" on the left hand side of the navigation. (see below)


Step 3. You will see a choice of AD TYPES. The two that will most impact enrollment are PAGE LIKES and CLICKS TO WEBSITE. This guide covers “Clicks to Website” which will help drive traffic to your website, your enrollment page, your class descriptions, etc. (See below)

Ad Types

Step 4. Click on “Clicks to Website” and a second box will appear prompting you to enter your website. Enter the URL that you want your ad to link to, such as REGISTRATION, CLASS DESCRIPTIONS, etc. Click “Continue” once you’ve entered your website address. 

FB Step 4

Step 5. Next upload an image for the ad. There are several ways to select images:

  • Design an ad: Recommended size is 600x315 pixels but for crisper resolution, use 1200 by 627.
  • You can also use use an image from your Facebook account.

You are given the option to upload multiple pictures. This creates multiple ads a different one for each picture you upload.  We recommend starting with one picture so you only have one ad when starting a Facebook ad campaign for the first time. (see image below)

FB Step 5

Step 6. Next, edit your text.

  • HEADLINE: This is your CALL TO ACTION so make it powerful such as SAVE 15% on DANCE CLASSES. Maximum of 25 characters long. 
  • DESCRIPTION: maximum of 90 characters long. In the description we recommend you have a call to action such as “Join our dance studio” with a catchy reason like “Dance is the greatest gift you can give a child”. You can also add a second description under advanced options. This will appear in the link box underneath the web address. This description can also be only 90 characters long max.

After writing the text, click on ADVANCED OPTIONS.

FB Step 6


Step 7. TARGETING: When customizing your audience you want to keep in mind that you want to be specific, but you don’t want to be so specific that you have an extremely small potential reach. Facebook has a nifty algorithm in which it calculates the potential reach of the keywords you choose to use.  As you begin entering and changing things in the “Create Your Audience” the potential reach will change and give you an estimate of how many people will see your ad. Facebook WILL NOT allow you to publish your ad if the potential reach is below 2000. Okay not that we have some of the generals out of the way lets dig into the bulk of audience targeting.

  • Location – Here you can specifically target where the potential ad viewers live. You can choose country, state, city, and even zip code. You can enter multiple zip codes, states, countries, or cities if you so choose. When you enter a city it will give you the option of using surrounding areas in the form of “New York City + 10 miles, +25 miles, +50 miles”.
  • Age and Gender
  • Interests – Here is where the bulk of the audience targeting comes from. You can enter general keywords that relate to dance and your studio such as “dance, dance classes, dance studio, dance teacher”. Next you can choose from preset categories that Facebook has provided. Make sure to choose from the “Family and Relationship” category to specifically target parents.
  • Connections – Keep “All” checked.
  • Interested In – Doesn’t apply to your ad, so keep “All” checked.
  • Relationship Status – Doesn’t apply. Do not check anything. By not checking anything it will use all the categories.
  • Languages – English
  • Education – Anyone, make sure to check all graduation years.
  • Workplace – Doesn’t apply.
  • More Categories – Is similar to the preset categories above. Here you can choose the parents category if you want. (see image below)

FB Step 7

Step 8. Name your campaign. Decide on a daily budget and make sure you set an END DATE. We recommend $10 a day to start. You can always increase this if the phone starts ringing. Remember, you will ONLY pay for clicks! (SEE STEP 9)

 FB Step 8

Step 9. MOST IMPORTANT:  Select the “Bids for clicks” option. You will then manually set the cost per click that you want to spend. On average, we see success with .65 and $2.00 cost per click.  You may not get a lot of clicks on $10/day, but you WILL get clicks for people that are PRE-QUALIFIED-- those that are interested in registering.

FB Step 9

Step 10. Place your order! Voila, you’re done! To manage your ads go back to the same drop down menu where you clicked “Create ads” , but now click “Manage ads” and you can view whether your ad has been approved, how much money has been spent, how much money is left to spend for that day, etc. 

Step 11: Next, your ad will have to be approved by Facebook.  Generally you will begin to see traffic/impressions (how many time your ad was seen within 5-10 hours. Next, visit the analytics page, You can then move your cost per click up or down depending on how much traffic you are getting to your ad.


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