Written by Michael J. Clark and Lori Shecter

Many studios have been asking us how to run their summer programs.  We’ve come up with some steps and ideas to get you started.  First, you need to decide if you want to run a SUMMER DANCE CAMP or SUMMER INTENSIVE.  We differentiate between these two in the following ways:

Dance Camp: 

Dance Camp is not only going to focus on dance activities, but will also include other fun activities including: arts + crafts, games, songs, trips, picnics, competitive activities (such as “color dance war”) etc. 

Dance Intensive: 

This is going to be a summer dance program that will really focus on the dance elements of your program and not include much “fun and games.”

Potentially, you can have a hybrid solution that is geared toward both your young as well as teen dancers.  However, whether you choose a “Camp” or "Intensive", there are business decisions that you have to determine for both:

The Dates of Your Program

  1. Begin date and start dates: June, July or August.
  2. The amount of weeks you will run your program: 2, 4, 6 or 8
  3. Will you have parallel programs occurring at the same time

Enrollment Types

  1. Full day – Determine time
  2. Half day – Determine time
  3. Drop in – i.e. parents can elect to send their child M, W, F or for the full week or,
  4. Full week registration

For example, younger dancers may participate from 9am until 2pm, older dancers participate from 12noon to 5pm.  


Pricing is one of the most important decisions.  Be sure with all of the events or unique classes you might be starting, your price point is sustainable for your studio as well as being attractive to your customers.

Research your prices:  Identify compatible programs—either other dance studios, YMCA’s, or Day Camps to see where your pricing stacks up.  Consider setting a lower price for those who commit to the entire program to encourage students already enrolled in your school to enroll in your entire summer session. 

Also considering discounts for multiple programs, or as listed above discounts for committing to the full program will make students and parents who have been loyal to your company happy.


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