Written by Michael J. Clark

YoutubeUploading video to Youtube is amazing advertisment for your studio and it allows you to share material for the students to review!  Check out our step by step guide (with pictures!) that will show you how to EASILY and QUICKLY upload a video directly from your iPhone to Youtube!

Download the Youtube App

Go to the App Store and search “Youtube.”  The first result should be the Youtube app . Click the “Download” button to install it on your phone. 

Youtube step 1

Take a Video

Open the camera app on your phone.  Along the bottom of the screen swipe the slider bar from “photo” to “video” as pictured.

Youtube step 2

Select Upload

Once you filmed something, in the lower left corner of your screen you will see a box with an arrow coming out of it.  Click the icon.

 Youtube step 3

Check Your Video

A slider with all of your videos will open.  On the lower right of each video will be an empty circle.  Touch the circle and a check mark will appear in the circle as pictured.

Youtube step 4 

Click Next

Once “checked,” in the upper right of your screen the word “Next” will appear.  Click it.

 Youtube step 4

Click Youtube

A menu will appear.  The Youtube icon will appear in this menu.  Click it.

Youtube step 5


Login to Youtube.  If you do not have an account, click sign up; it is easy and very quick for iPhone users.

 Youtube step 6


Once you log in, a publish video screen will appear.  Touch the word “Public” on the list that appears.  Once you touch Public, touch “Publish” in the upper right hand corner.

Youtube step 7

That’s it!!! You can now easily upload material onto Youtube with ease!