Written by L Meng

We’ve already discussed why Facebook shouldn’t be your only social media strategy, but with so many different social media platforms and services (Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, etc. ), it’s difficult to keep track and update them all. Here are three key time saving tips for streamlining your social media presence.

TIME SAVING TIP I: Integrate TABS into your Facebook Page

Time BlogInstagram, Pinterest, and YouTube all offer Facebook apps that place tabs directly on your fanpage. This makes it easier for your followers (students and potential students) to see what you have to offer and learn more about you. The downside to these tabs is that while your audience can see all of your posts in one place, the integration only works one way. For example, you can’t post a video on Facebook and have that video sync to YouTube. However, with tabs, once you post that video on YouTube, it will automatically appear in your tab’s feed, so you don’t have to post links on Facebook each time you post on your other social media site.

Each of the links below will take you to the free “app integration” on Facebook. Note that these are third party apps, which means if you are managing your page through your personal account, they will ask to be able to use your personal information. If you have qualms about using third-party apps, we have also included a link that teaches you how to make your own tabs on Facebook.

CLICK HERE for Pinterest Tab‎
CLICK HERE for YouTube Tab
CLICK HERE for Instagram Tab 

If you don't feel comfortable integrating with third party apps, take a few minutes to go through this video.  It gives you a step by step account on adding tabs to your page using Facebook's Third Party Static HTML.  

TIME SAVING TIP II: Link your social media accounts to your Facebook Fanpage

You may have noticed that when you post to Instagram, Twitter, etc., you also have the additional option of sharing these posts on Facebook. Some social media platforms offer ways to share posts between themselves and Facebook automatically so you don’t have to actively write a new post about it every time.

Here are the links to integrate these pages.

  1. From Facebook fanpage to Twitter: CLICK HERE
  2. Sync your accounts (Facebook and Twitter) by following this guide: CLICK HERE 
  3. YouTube: Using the YouTube tab (link shown above) you can choose a video account to auto-share posts from.

TIME SAVING TIP III: Use a social media management tool to manage multiple social media accounts:

Social media management tools allow you to manage multiple social profiles all from one dashboard.  You can set up "timed" posts, respond to comments, and view detailed analytics about how your audience interacts with your different accounts.  Some of the most popular social media management tools include:

HootSuite: Free or Pro starting at $10/month
Sprout Social: $50/month
BufferApp: Free
Social Bro: Free Trial, $6.95/month

There are many more, but if you want to try using one of these tools, it may be a good idea to give yourself at least 2-4 hours to learn how to set everything up and play around with it.  Details on social media management tools will be coming shortly!

Make sure to check back on our blog for more tips on growing your studio and saving time!