Written by Lori Shecter


Facebook announced that they’ve tweaked their algorithm known as EdgeRank to allow stories that are getting more engagement (more likes, comments and shares) to be bumped up in the news feed. The change is called Story Bumping and has already rolled out to 99% of desktop users and is still being tweaked for mobile users. The Story Bump shows you posts you may not have seen when they were first published.

For example, you log into Facebook and scroll through your news feed to view 50 posts. The post you miss at position 51 continues to get lots of likes, comments and shares. Four hours later, you check Facebook and that post is at the top of your news feed, even though it’s four hours old.

Factors affecting bumping

  1. How often you interact with the friend,or follower
  2. The number of linkes shares and comments a post receives from the world at large and from your followers in particluar
  3. How much you've with this type of post in the past
  4. Increase Engagement: How do you increase engagement? Be interesting, be useful, be anything but DON'T BE BORING
  5. Facebook BOOST POST ads increases engagement.  For the cost of a Starbucks ($5/day) you can have significant increases in engagement. You can be very effective on Facebook without spending money by focusing on engagement, but you can go farther by spending a little money from time to time.To take advantage of the Story Bump, advertise your individual posts so they get more engagement through the ad. This boosts the bump the post receives organically.The Boost Post option has a very wide target if you select “People who like your page and their friends,” which may include a lot of people who have no interest in your Facebook page. If you select “People you choose through targeting” option, you can only target people by location, age, gender and language—not by keyword interests, which again may include a lot of people not interested in your Facebook page.

The Facebook ads interface also allows you to precisely control your budget and get more for your money. As with any money you spend on marketing, track your results and do your testing. To really go for more engagement, only advertise posts that are interesting and already getting some engagement organically so you know they interest others.

Boosting PostsTo make sure your families see your post, have them create a FACEBOOK Interest List that includes your studio name or included your page. they will get notifications about your page by click on the LIKED button under the right side of your cover photo and selecting Get Notifications. This is where you can add the page to interest lists

A recent study by Wisemetrics showed that it only takes 2 hours and 30 minutes for a post to get 75% of its total impressions and less than 2 hours to get 75% of its maximum reach. So you have a very short window of time to gets engagement.With Story Bumping, your story jumps back up in the news feed if it gets good engagement.