Written by Lori Shecter


Costume ordering getting you down?

If you are like the many studios we work with, most likely you have one or all of these problems:

  1. I can't get my parents to PAY on time! I am stuck with a big check to pay.
  2. It is hard for me to figure out my profits.
  3. Should I be making profits on my costumes? My parents already complain a lot!
  4. How can I keep track of all my orders?
  5. How do I keep track of who has paid?
  6. How do I keep track of my delivery dates?

Helpful Tools

We found a few tools that might make your costume experience less painful.

1)  EXCEL:  If you want to go the non-technical route, CLICK HERE to TRY this excel spread sheet for tracking. One of our studios sent it in to us and we thought we'd share it. It has a a few automatic calculations- like sum functions and a profit margin index.

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2) School Empower studio management offers another solution for costume payment. You can either have all your costumes entered into THE SHOP (for one time payment) or, if you prefer, you can create a COSTUME PAYMENT PLAN that the parent purchases. This flexible solution makes it easy for everyone to collect and pay on time. You can:

  1. Set up automatic recurring billing so that the parent pays in 2-3 payments by a date that you determine. Credit cards are entered and you automatically get paid.
  2. The parent can enter their own payment through their account
  3. The parent can pay in person via cash, check or credit cart.
  4. You can charge a higher fee for recurring billing.

3) The other solution which several of our studios have used, and like, is COSTUME MANAGER. Since we have never used this system, we can't give our opinion. Studio reviews have been mixed, as is the case with all software. But we like to give as many options as we can when providing help to our studios.

Have a great costume season! Hope these tools help!

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