Written by Lori Shecter

Facebook OfferWe conducted a recent survey to see how many of our studios are able to attract new clients from Facebook and Twitter and, in addition, how they were maintaining their social presence. We found that 80% felt that they consistently got new students from both parents and students that searched on Facebook (and Twitter) for studios in their towns. One dance studio reported over 30 new registrations this year using Facebook!!  (This is not a scientific survey though!)

Here are some key pointers for success:

  1. You don't need to hire someone to help you! Just make sure that you post at least one time daily cute pictures and videos of your students, as well as properly describe what they are doing, the name and location of your studio. Make sure to include links to your website or class schedule.
  2. Get your students and parents to comment on their walls as well as comment on your walls. Comments make your "posts" more valuable and show them more frequently in people's feeds. More content on your page, with your studio key words, will surface your page on the major search engines when people are looking for dance studios.
  3. Make sure you respond to all comments made on your wall.
  4. Make sure you post daily (at least) during registration time.
  5. Need to edit picture? Use PICMONKEY: a free online tool to edit pictures.
  6. Be friends with your mom's on Facebook.  Post cute pics of their kids dancing and in costumes for them to share with their friends.
  7. If there is a local MOM PAGE in your town, make sure to join and post information about your studio if other moms ask.
  8. Submitting pictures as links from your website helps drive traffic to your website, as well as helps with Search Engine Optimization. GO HERE for more information on SEO.

Here is how Dance Studios Web Design ranks on bing when search for dance web design. Note how our website ranks first, and our Facebook page ranks second:

And here is Dance Studios Web Design additions:

  1. Create a FREE CONTEST using a tool like OFFER POP to help drive interest to your page. Offer 10% off or a FREE CLASS for people liking your page. GO HERE to see Details on Offerpop and make sure to enter OUR CONTEST HERE!  Join our fan page to get $150 off a new website!
  2. Create a local Facebook campaign either by Boosting a post, or creating an actual ad. GO HERE for details on how to do this.
  3. Use a service like Tweet Deck or Sprout Social to monitor social chatter about your school around the web and on your social channels.
  4. Have your web developer embed Google Analytics to your website so you can determine how much traffic is from your Fanpage.
  5. Make sure you ask people WHERE they found your studio so you can keep tabs on your success metics.

Let us know if you have more ideas and suggestions by commenting on our Fanpage!  LIKE OUR PAGE FOR $150 off a NEW WEBSITE


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