Written by Christine Dion


As we approach the end of the school year we need to continue to think about how to keep our studios growing and healthy financially.  An often forgotten area that creates excitement and can add income is makeup. Dance Studios Web Design reached out to EXPERT CHRISTINE DION for some ideas about using makeup to not only help add to the excitment of recitals and competitions but to help increase revenue for your studio! Aside from giving us great advise, Christine has many amazing videos for you to share with your students.

Makeup is as essential to dance as the costume and leotard is: every student should have the basics. It is also as diverse as dance is.  A common error is assuming that street makeup such as what is sold at a department or drug store will work for stage... it won't.  In fact many companies claiming to sell stage makeup actually are selling standard street makeup. You have to be very careful!  For these reasons and more it is rare to find a stage makeup company that wholesales to studios or dance stores.  Additionally attempting to maintain an inventory of products at your studio or dance store is a full time job itself!    Fear not there is an easier way. 

Mode Dion Cosmetics & Training, took this need to the next level providing affordable makeup kits with proven stage colors that last and discounts on bulk orders to Studio Directors.  The studio collects payment from the students on already discounted kits, then orders with MODE DION and receives an additional discount that goes back to the studio.  Simple, without the risk of carrying product stock you never sell. The studio is provides a valuable service, insuring uniformity for a more professional presentation, and students love the convenience of not having to go out and hunt for correct product.

ChristineAbout Christine:    Expert Christine Dion, beauty columnist, author, artist and owner of Mode Dion Cosmetics & Training, travels the country speaking in dance studios to performers and parents on professional stage makeup technique, creating custom theme looks to enhance production pieces and trouble shooting application challenges, can make all the difference. She has found that the more educated parents and performers are on stage products and makeup application, the more confident they become and the more satisfied they are with the product.  This can only translate into future order and more sales for the studio.   Confident, polished performers look, feel and perform better. Audiences and competition judges notice a more professional presentation which increases the studios exposure and gets people talking. 

Stage makeup is often a second thought. Make it as important as costuming and stage presence as they all go hand in hand. Provide assistance with product kits and back it with training  then watch your income grow.


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