Written by Lori Shecter

YoutubeIt's really fast and easy and helps a LOT in SEO!  I found this great video on how to create a YouTube account.  You Tube is important for SEO because Google owns YouTube and therefore loves YouTube Videos.

One really important aspect in helping your studio with Google finding you is to make sure you add your website URL in the TITLE as well as your CITY or Zip Code so people can link directly to your website. In the description area, add more information about your school, such as the school name, telephone and address, as well email address.  In the Tags  section of YOUTUBE, add the NAME of your studio, and the city that your studio is located in and other important identifiers of your school such as Jazz Class, Tap Class, etc.  After uploading your video, within 15 minutes, try googling the exact name that you put in the TITLE of your video.   See what search comes up first!

Follow these tips for good You Tube Search Engine Optimization:

  1. Choose keywords carefully:  they will describe the classes you offer, etc.
  2. Try to include the keywords in your title, but at least the important ones: TEEN DANCE STUDIO IN SPOKANE (For example)
  3. Choose 5 to 10 keywords.
  4. Post your video where ever you can! Tweet, FB, WEBSITE!!!, etc.
  5. Now for instructions: