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Harnessing the Power of the Internet in less than 1 hour was a seminar that I gave last summer at THE PULSE in New York City. It had over 100 attendees and was very well received by our Dance Studio Teachers and Directors. Covering the principles of marketing are the same whether you are selling soap or dance classes: differentiate, focus and execute. read more
Written by Lori Shecter
Recital time is around the corner and what with costumes, rehearsals and program printing, add to that the drama and craziness of the event itself. Whew, it's enough to make you crazy! So why not make your life a little easier with TURN KEY ticket solutions? Dance Studios Web Design did some research and here are some Recital Ticketing companies that we thought had a leg up on the competition: read more
So one of my all time favorite movies is DIRTY DANCING, but now, 8 weeks into my Salsa foray, I realize, HOLLYWOOD LIED! I mean, how could they? Somehow in the back of my mind I thought I'd end up meeting a hot dance instructor, and dancing my way to competition happiness (or at least Salsa Social happiness.) After all, Baby did it during a 6 week summer stay in the Catskills, I should be able to do it in 8 weeks (4 times per week classes--yes I am now obsessed.) read more
Back by popular demand is a downloadable guide on how to make social media serve you better. Since it might be hard to get through all 50 tips, I've listed the top 21 that will make your social media campaign rock! read more
So I don't usually boast about our website designs, but this month, our designers really out did themselves. I am simply awestruck by the thought and talent that each of our designers puts into their process. Just like a dance routine, each web design is a break down of steps: understanding the nature of your business, what you want to say about your business and how you want the public to perceive what you are saying. read more
We realize that a lot of studios experience staff turnover so we reached out to PATTI KOMARA to get her expert view on how to keep your staffers engaged and helping you GROW your business, not HURT it! About Patti: Patti started Patti’s All American Gymnastics in 1969 and it has since become one of the most successful gyms with gymnastics, dance, swimming, and a fitness based nursery school called Gym-N-Learn. Known internationally, Patti began speaking at seminars in 1981 on preschool and school-age gymnastics and the business of owning a gymnastics school. read more