About Us


Dance Studio Web Design is a team of passionate designers and developers that gets excited about unique ideas, projects and the passionate people behind them.  We began in 2009 when we realized there weren't enough good dance studio websites.  We build websites that mirror the voice of their owners, that work hard to grow business, that are easy to manage, and most of all, are AFFORDABLE.

We never make you stay with us for hosting and there are no hidden fees.  Our process is designed to make sure we deliver a website that is both graphically beautiful and within your budget range!


We believe we have the power to inspire individuals and incite cultural change. As the people who create and disseminate messages every day through our websites, we believe that it’s our duty to create design that is effective, meaningful, and beautiful… Ideas that provoke, entertain, and engage. We also believe in happy hour, at least once a week.

Work Hard. Play Hard. Dance More. Explore. Listen.